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Welcome to my Gemini capsule!

About me

Programmer, coffee, tea and good cuisine enjoyer. Wanting life to slow down. Trying to enjoy small and simple things.

My hobbies

  • cycling
  • programming and electronics
  • open source software
  • comics, books and animations
  • 3D graphics
  • cooking
  • Posts

    2023-09-30 – My latest two rounds of distro hopping and return to Arch Linux
    2023-09-18 – My stance on systemd
    2023-09-07 – I no longer like the Rust programming language
    2023-07-25 – Things are going Okay
    2023-04-21 – I don’t understand social media
    2022-07-28 – The slacker’s guide to managing dotfiles
    2021-08-10 – Interrupted road to digital privacy
    2021-08-08 – Hello, Gemini!


    2022-11-05 – Przesiadka na Wayland’a zakończona
    2022-06-02 – Mirror HTTP mojej kapsuły
    2022-05-29 – Kawa i herbata
    2022-01-02 – Kupiłem rower szosowy
    2021-10-26 – Moja przygoda z Linux’em
    2021-10-22 – Naucz swoje dziecko gotować
    2021-10-22 – Dodaję drugi język

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