I don’t understand social media

I’ve never had an account on Twitter, but had one on Facebook long time ago. Instead, I’ve had a Mastodon account. Twice. And deleted it twice too.

The idea of social media just doesn’t sit well with me. What is a difference between a social media account and a blog/Gopher hole/Gemini capsule (I’ll call it “own space” in rest of this post)? If I want to post something, I can post it on my own space. If I want to get notified when someone post something on their space, there are RSS/Atom and other solutions.

Only case when I can understand using social media instead of own space, is when somebody doesn’t have their own space but want to post something. And even then there are many solutions that allows to create a blog quickly and host it for free, but I can accept that for many people social media account is good enough, and having something else is not worth a hassle.

I’m quite prone to spend more time on scrolling some websites than I want to. So, in my case using social media leads only to wasting my time scrolling content, which to tell the truth, isn’t even all that interesting for me. I’m regularly blocking some websites in my uBlock Origin rules to give myself more time for things that matters for me. And I’ve never blocked someone’s blog. It is always Reddit, some kind of social media, or site with memes which makes me sink my whole time without even felling amused.

Personal spaces are quite different, even if someone posted something on topic which doesn’t interest me, I often finds it more interesting than I thought it will be. Longer, more thoughtful post often gives me new ideas.

I’ve tried to use my Mastodon account to post quick brainfarts and wanted to use this capsule for more thoughtful content but it resulted in complete radio silence here.

There is no minimum allowed number of words in post on Gemini, doesn’t it? even if I want to post one sentence, I can post it here instead of on social media.


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