Experiments and practice

This place exists to document toxicity of my own mind that prevents me from doing what I like. I want to break my habit of overthinking and comparing myself to other people, so I decided for shock therapy and published all my projects that I liked in the past even if I didn’t managed to finish it.

Sans my very first models I probably never published anything I’ve made. There was always better artist than me, anything I’ve made appeared unworthy of soiling someone else eyes. So, this downward spiral sucked me completely and I started to notice that with every model I’ve made I’m hating 3D graphics more and more, even though I loved it in the past and had ton of fun playing with it.

But I’ve grow older and wiser (or maybe only older) and noticed that what made me hate 3D art doesn’t matter. I don’t need to be best 3D artist ever to publish my artworks. I don’t even need to be good one. I just want to have fun hobby and spend my time doing something creative.

So, enjoy my sketchbook. If you dare. Eyes may bleed!


3D sculpt of stylized female head

I’m trying to find right spot between fully-stylized and fully-uncanny-valley style. This one looks pretty nice.


I was bored and I don’t remember why but I’ve tried to sculpt something. I started to feel regret for giving up 3D art.

Old face + blender UI


I’ve tried to learn how to make a pretty stylized face. That was my best attempt before I decided to give up 3D graphics forever, but returned to it in 2023.

3D sculpt of stylized female head


My next character attempt, I didn’t liked the face and topology, so I stopped working on this one.

Face again
NSFW – Full body


Procedural textures test.



Mugs this time. Probably my only finished project.



I’ve made a strawberry. Got demotivated before making a stem texture, tho.



That was a year I’ve tried for the first time to make a character from start to finish. I failed.

Face test
Face test – mouth deformation
Face test with hair – grin
Face test with hair – closed eyes
Face test with clothes
Body test with clothes


One of my very first 3D models.



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This is only a mirror of my Gemini capsule available here: