Things are going Okay

Some time ago I reduced my exposure to doom-feeling-inducting websites even more. After initial FOMO eased up I noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. I’ve always know that I alone will not save the World but it has never sunk in. You cannot help everyone, but you can help your family, friends or neighbors. You cannot save the World, but you can make your vicinity a little better. Think simple, think small. This philosophy made me for the first time since forever feel completely calm. Politics is still shitty here and around the World. The war abroad is still going on. The internet is still collapsing. Corporations are still doing their power grab. But I’m not feeling that everything is lost.

So instead of shouting: “Doom is near! Everything is lost!” I’ll write something positive.

Coffee today was tasty, Buying a little better beans and grinding them at home makes a lot of difference. This seems small and mundane but I enjoy my morning coffee a lot.

The weather is good today, it was raining yesterday so I don’t need to water our vegetable garden today.

Vegetables are plenty in our garden. Especially zucchini, we at this point are sharing it with family, friends and neighbors and it doesn’t seem to ever run out.

My partner is with me and our son is healthy.

We visited alpaca farm this weekend and it was fun.

Reddit decided to join enshittification movement, but we have our Gemini’s BBS¹, station² and on the big net there are Kbin³ and Lemmy⁴. At this point I’m feeling that it is just another website. I was reading r/popular from time to time but my main places were ones Linux related and r/rust, and I don’t really care about the website, the community is what I care about, when Reddit will die the community will move somewhere else. I was feeling very differently when Twitter was bought, and at this point I don’t understand why, I haven’t had an account on this site, nor I was regular reader but those articles made me create Mastodon account even when I have had one in the past and have been publishing close to nothing on it and decided to delete it in result. I suspect that reading all that doom-feeling-inducting articles made me feel like this.

I’ve distanced myself from the suckless⁵ movement which was a real rabbit hole for me and it made me feel like all software on my PC sucks and computers are terrible. I don’t want to criticize them because I feel that they have the point but I feel that they took things way too far. I’ll probably write some post on it later. But shortened version is: I like when software does its job without me writing half of its functionality by myself either as patches or as shell scripts and I prefer community which just creates cool things without criticizing everybody else. I instead prefer to follow Handmade Network⁶ or ones like Hundred Rabbits⁷.

I really like Rust⁸, Zig⁹ and Hare¹⁰ programming languages. And I advise everyone to try them! I tried them all and it was hard to tell which one I like better, they all have very strong points. But after a lot of pondering and tries I decided to choose Rust as default language for my new projects. I’ve played with Rust before, for quite a lot of time actually. I’ve written toy programs in Rust even before it reached 1.0 version! But they all were just toy programs so it doesn’t mean that I’m anywhere close to Rust expert, but I decided to learn it for sure this time and I’m having a lot of fun during this process.

Google is trying to become sole owner of the big net and add WebDRM¹¹ to it. But web is lost cause since long time and I don’t think any part of fediverse or any of personal blogs I’m reader of will ever bother to implement it. And there are and always were alternatives to it: Gemini, Gopher, IPFS, onion sites, etc. The idea of publicly available space to publish documents will not die, it might change form but idea will survive.

Gemini grows steadily and now I regularly discovers something new and interesting to read here. And spends more and more time in Geminispace instead in big net.

So, no matter what those doomscrolling sites try to make me believe, I think things will be Okay.


1. Gemini’s BBS
2. station
3. Kbin
4. Lemmy
5. suckless
6. Handmade Network
7. Hundred Rabbits
8. Rust
9. Zig
10. Hare
11. WebDRM


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