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I’ve decided to return to Rust as my default programming language.

At this point I think that when I have an opinion, there is only one thing that will surely happen: At some point in future I’ll change my opinion…

Since some time I’m working on a personal project of mine, which I always dreamed of. And this time I’m actually making progress, not a big one, but progress nonetheless. And I’m feeling great about it.

I’ve tried to use Hare but I failed. My project requires using some 3D graphic library and windowing library, but available bindings/libraries for Hare are lacking.

What I always liked about Rust was very rich ecosystem of crates. But at the same time thing which made me disillusioned about Rust is very bad combination of script that runs during build and minimally-moderated central repository where anybody can upload anything. And I’ve moderate opinion about dependencies: Using library for everything including easy things (e.g. left-pad) is bad but going full NIH and implementing everything from scratch is completely unproductive. Developers should use their brains and decide if dependency is worth using or not. Some good-quality windowing library and binding for Vulkan are definitely in worthy dependency territory. So Hare ecosystem seemed severely lacking for my use-case.

Also, there are other things, I’m not particularly caring for, but add slight discomfort about using Hare:

  • No threading support in the standard library
  • No support for proprietary OSes
  • Rust isn’t perfect but with Hare I’m feeling unproductive. There is so much I need to implement by myself, before I can make some progress on actual parts of my projects. So I’ve decided that having fun working on my project has priority over ideological reasons to not use Rust. It’s my hobby, so it should be fun, isn’t it?


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